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To register for Globus Australia: Email the following information to

  • Agency code: 210383
  • Agency name: Archer Travel Australia
  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address

Or, click the button below and register yourself.

You will then receive login information from Globus AU directly.

About Globus

At Globus, we’re not just hooked on travel as a destination, but on the way travel makes you feel. Our promise is to craft adventures you’ll want to re-live forever.

Our story began more than 90 years ago, when a young Swiss Antonio Mantegazza began transporting tourists across Lake Lugano on his rowboat, sharing stories and revealing local secrets along the way. On that lake, Globus was born. Discovering a passion for tourism and a knack for business, Antonio’s services expanded beyond river transport to bus touring, from Switzerland to Europe and then, the world. After 90 years curating travel wonderment, our passion for curating the perfect trip remains.

At Globus, we have the experience and local knowledge to craft immersive adventures that make you feel alive. Expect to see all the major sites, but then go deeper, to the beating heart of every new discovery. As they say, when you’re in the moment, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and you’ll quickly discover our Tour Directors know all the local secrets and insider tips.

Let us connect you with a new world of people, places and experiences that will ignite your imagination.

It’s time to tour with Globus.

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