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Office phone: 800-952-3519

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BDM: Bill Gardiner


Phone: 917-575-0278

How to Register

Self-registration instructions: :: Home

Scroll down to “Our New Business to Business Software” and click on REGISTER HERE.

Be sure you are under the “Agency” tab and fill in your personal information. *Do Not Use “Archer Travel” as your agency name*

The agency name is Your name or the name of Your company, whichever you prefer. The same with the phone #.

For the website, you can use your URL for your Evolution Travel Site. 

Example Below:

About Downtown Travel

With one Single Sign On you may access all our dedicated websites:

TheBestAgent.Pro, a leading-edge Air Booking Engine, arguably the best B2B in the US has shown an unparalleled success, exceeding all expectations, thanks to your continued support;

The Hotels engine is following the same path with the number of bookings increasing month over month.

Holidays with Downtown, the website dedicated to leisure products, has exploded in web requests for land groups, FITs and Pre/Post cruise tours both for domestic and international destinations.

The Car Reservations system showed success in domestic and international bookings due to its simplicity and competitive pricing

The Transfers engine is also waking up registering increased booking levels as travel agents gain confidence in it.

The Insurance, so critical during these times because all programs offer coverage for COVID related cancellations and interruptions!

Access Downtown Travel to find the best airfare Commissions and Utilities for your business or to request Air Groups.

Supplier Commissions

Up to 12% Commission

Commission varies depending on the product sold. For AIRLINES consult

For TOURS & PACKAGES go to and select Commission Structure.